A Personal Account Of Seeking Treatment For Acoustic Neuroma

Dear Reader,

Hello there. I hope you have found this site helpful on your Acoustic Neuroma journey! My name is Francesco, and here's a recent picture of me so you can put a face on the words you've read on this site.


My main message to everyone diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma is one of encouragement: you will soon have your life back. Just do your research, choose the absolute best treatment and medical team you can, and move forward with confidence. For me, there were some definite rocky patches, but they are now in the past, and my days are filled again with running, swimming, and surfing. You will be fine, my friend!

If you have more specific questions about my journey or want to be in touch, please feel free to email me. I try hard to get back to readers as soon as I can, generally within a day or two -- sooner if possible, and sometimes longer, depending on my schedule.

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Blessings to your continued health and well-being on all levels. (And mine too!)

With regards,